Skiptracing and Location Services

The combination of skilled professionals, compliance training and blazing technology put us in the best possible position to locate your hard to find accounts. 

Del Mar Recovery Solutions has mastered the lost art of skiptracing over the past 20 years. This skill injected into an environment of compliance, technological advances, data resources and experienced professionals brings a must have tool to every auto lenders strategy. We do not just forward your skip accounts but work them the correct way to put the repossession agent in the best situation to successfully repossess your collateral. We utilize a strategy of paying attention to detail that generates recovery results not seen in this industry today all while shortening the time frame to bring the asset back.

Our skiptracing services are available through out the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe and Asia making us the leader in the industry.

Our unique formula of good old fashioned detective work, technology, data analytics plus skilled repossession agents creates a dynamic solution in a normally challenge stage of the process. Let us do the heavy lifting in this area.

We challenge you to compare our skiptracing services against your current vendors.